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THIS GLOVE retails at $219.99. 

Note: Any discoloration in the listed pictures is the result of camera flash. This glove is perfectly uniform in color and flawless in every respect! The actual glove is much nicer than as shown on the pictures.

NOTE: I’m extremely impressed with overall quality of this glove! I’m not trying to upset any of you Wilson A2000 fans out there, but this glove is absolutely superior to the equivalent A2000 model in every respect!!!!!!!!!!

This is Eastons premium top of the line Professional glove.

The new Professional Series gloves from Easton are the product of quality craftsmanship and are meant to be worn by serious ball players. These gloves start out as high quality USA steer hide and are Japanese tanned into professional grade Okayama leather. The result is a soft, smooth, and incredibly durable ball glove. The inside of these gloves is made from Pro Fit steer hide which is built soft for comfort, yet strong for the rigors of professional level play. The gloves are held together by professional grade USA-tanned rawhide lace that is tested to a tensile strength of 100 lbs! That means that the chance of the laces on these gloves breaking is slim to none. This is a glove that will last for many seasons to come. This 12.75 Inch model features a modified trapeze web and is ideal for outfielders. With a conventional open back and a deep pocket, this glove will provide players with ultimate control in the field. Easton: Know-Feel-Be The Difference. 

Easton EPG89BT Professional Series Baseball Glove Features:

12.75″ Infield Pattern
LH – Left Hand Throw
Modified Trapeze Web
Conventional Open Back
Premium Japanese Tanned Professional Grade Okayama Leather – Made from Premium USA Steer Hide
Professional Grade USA Tanned Cowhide Lining, Finger Stalls & Binding 
Professional Grade USA Tanned Rawhide Lace Tested to a Tensile Strength of 100 lbs

Many of the premium gloves produced by Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, etc. have inner pockets that are pre-oiled at the factory. There is a tendency for the oil to bleed through (particularly on the lighter tan and brown colored gloves) and it is not uncommon to see what appears to be an oil stain of varying degree in the palm area of these gloves. I have received gloves in the past that arrived without any evidence of oil and within months, the oil bleeds through into the palm. Personally, I would not let this condition deter one from buying a glove. Many of the gloves ordered off of “stock”pictures on the internet will end up having this condition.

TIP: Many of the premium gloves including Rawlings Pro Preferred & Heart of the Hide, Wilson’s A2000 & A3000, Mizuno’s Classic Pro and Pro Limited, etc. are somewhat stiff when brand new. A quality glove conditioner will do much to reduce the break-in period for any stiff new glove . Almost all glove conditioners will generally darken the leather and appearance of lighter colored gloves. If you buy a new glove and don’t like the look of the pre-oiled palm area, condition the glove with a premium product such as Wilson’s Pro Stock Glove Conditioner and the pocket/palm area will darken and blend in more with the rest of the glove.

TIP: Regardless of whether you prefer the natural method of breaking in a glove, sooner or later you will have to recondition your glove! Personally, I recommend cleaning and conditioning a glove each and every year after a good season of use. All leather gloves will start to dry out and laces will become brittle when subjected to regular use. Prolonged exposure to sand and dirt, wind, rain, hot sun, etc. will take its toll on even the very best glove. PLEASE stay away from those cheap oils, foams or other liquid products out there on the market. The foams don’t work and liquids such as oils are absorbed deep into the glove, add a tremendous amount of weight, and are nothing more than a magnet for attracting dirt and debris. Also, PLEASE don’t ever bake your baseball glove in the oven or microwave or soak it in the tub to aid in the break-in process. You will invariably destroy a very fine piece of leather and take years off a gloves life!

Personally, I never use anything but a paste type glove conditioner. Although I prefer Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, there are comparable products on the market from manufacturers such as Easton, Nokona, etc. Regardless of what brand of paste type conditioner you choose to use, do yourself a favor and make sure it contains lanolin and vitamin E. Nothing is better at restoring and revitalizing the leather on your glove! With a little care, your glove should last for many years and most likely outlive your baseball career.    


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Only $159.99
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