Bicycle 450 Alloy Stem 22.2mm Black. Fixie Lowrider Beach CruiserRoad BMX Bike

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450 Alloy Stem 22.2mm  Black.

450 Alloy Stem 22.2mm Black.

Fit a 7/8″ diameter handlebar Handlebar Clamp Diameter : 7/8″Steerer Tube Diameter :  1 1/8″


Stem: Connect the bicycle forks bicycle handle.   also called goose neck. There are threadless and quill.  Use the shape of the headset and  the fork.

Quill Stem: 

The initial model is the most commonly used. 

Inserting the fork is used directly above.

Instructions (1)Cut the steerer tube of the fork (2) hold part of the next up coming out of the side screws. If it will not fit in the position of the stem spacers to raise or body system can be inserted upside down. Easy installation and removal of the handle bar. 

         Some older BMX bikes that used the 21.1/.833 stems. The small diameter 21.1 quill is the more rare and usually on older bikes. But quite standard in BMX old school bikes as well- not really indigenous to Schwinn. But Schwinn did have them on a lot of their bikes when others had largely gone to 22.2 mm.

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Only $19.99
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